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  • Let the Games Commence

    5th April 2022
    In an effort to come together as a school community and do something special for Y11 and Y13, School Council planned a week of games at lunch time in the Sports Hall from Monday 04th - Thursday 07th April. Badminton was...More
  • Year 11 librarians

    11th February 2022
    As we say goodbye to the Year 11 pupil librarians, I’d like to acknowledge all the hours of volunteering at the library desk, the thousands of books issued and shelved and the hundreds of pupils who’ve read a book...More
  • Food & Nutrition this Year

    16th July 2021
    I would like to end this academic year by saying well done to all of you who have made some of the amazing dishes that leave F7 every day. Thank you for all your hard work. Well done and good luck to Year 11. Year 10 have...More
  • Jemima’s Beautiful Painting

    30th April 2021
    A beautiful painting by year 11 student Jemima as part of her GCSE project based on 'Performance'. It is painted on wood and her subject is one of her friends and one of our very talented dancers. She was inspired...More