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  • GCSE Dancers SPRUNG

    8th April 2022
    On Tuesday evening, the GCSE Dancers performed their exam work for friends and family. Well done, GCSE...More
  • Physics online website and YouTube channel provider Lewis Matheson visits AGGS.

    7th May 2021
    Year 12 physics student, Lois Howarth entered a competition run by Lewis and won first prize - £3000 worth of prizes for the physics department. The raffle style competition was held to celebrate 100k subscribers to the...More
  • Jemima’s Beautiful Painting

    30th April 2021
    A beautiful painting by year 11 student Jemima as part of her GCSE project based on 'Performance'. It is painted on wood and her subject is one of her friends and one of our very talented dancers. She was inspired...More
  • Alumni Advice from Anum and Isha

    7th October 2020
    Here are the sage words of wisdom from two Altygirls who are now studying medicine (Anum Chaudhry and Isha Agarwal) decided to help us out by giving us insightful advice! Advice about BMAT - Practise a little every day and...More
  • Silver Dance Company

    20th October 2017
    We have decided to name our dance performance groups to make us sound very professional when we are representing the school at external performances. As we wanted the name to link to our school name, AGGS, we have...More