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  • Cybersecurity Talk

    6th May 2022
    Late this April, F11 hosted an informative session presented by Laura Duffy and Anna Vine, cyber analysts working at the home office who originally did English degrees. They spoke to us about the ways in to this career, why...More
  • Religious Studies Week of Activities

    25th March 2022
    This week the RS department hosted some visiting speakers from Trafford Youth for Christ. They delivered lessons across KS3 covering topics on poverty, morality, and the life of Jesus alongside their usual Christian Union...More
  • Solutions Not Sides Workshops

    11th March 2022
    Year 12 and Year 13 received three workshops from Solutions Not Sides, a non-partisan organisation facilitating discussion on issues with Israel. The programme has been formulated with the input of both Israelis and...More
  • Biology Week: Re-generation talk

    12th October 2021
    Last Thursday, AGGS held a fascinating talk on re-generation for Y9s to 13s, as part of this year’s science-fiction theme of the science behind the reality of science fiction. It was really amazing to see how animals...More
  • Y12 ‘Careers Fortnight’

    22nd November 2019
    Between 4-15th November, we held our Year 12 ‘Careers Fortnight’. The aim of this fortnight was to provide Year 12 students with resources and information to help them to make more informed decisions about what they...More