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  • April Book of the Month

    26th April 2022
    Wranglestone by Darren Charlton I try to read the first chapter of every book we buy for the library.   With some books, I’m happy to stop there when I’ve got a flavour of the style and plot but with others, I find...More
  • National Reading Championships Quiz Success

    5th April 2022
    NRC Quizzers NRC Reserve Quizzers It’s not often that readers get a chance to showcase their knowledge of books in a competitive arena.   I was delighted, therefore, to be able to give some of our most avid readers...More
  • March Book of the Month

    15th March 2022
    The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams You can thank Mr Gough for bringing this beautiful book into our lives.  He recommended it as a friend of the author and I’m so grateful he's shared it with us.  Though there are...More
  • Duke of Edinburgh volunteers in the library

    11th March 2022
    We’ve had lots of Duke of Edinburgh volunteers in the library this year and they’ve had a big impact producing displays, booklists, recommendations for Year 7 and generally helping a very busy library to run smoothly....More
  • February Book of the Month

    24th February 2022
    Delirium by Lauren Oliver I’ve raided the archives for this book review.  Recently, lots of pupils have been reading the Divergent or Maze Runner series and wanting something similar to read.  This is a lesser known...More