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Locations and Opening Hours

AGGS LibraryThe main school library is open daily from 9.15am – 5pm.  It is closed during Rec every Wednesday.

The Sixth Form library is open daily from 8.15am.  It closes at 4.30pm on Monday, 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 3.30pm on Friday.


Searching for Resources

Britanica School

Britannica is a fact-checked online encyclopaedia with hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, videos and images. All the information you find here will be current, accurate and reliable. Use this source as a starting point for your research before you search the Internet.

Reading Cloud

The Reading Cloud contains details of all the books, CDs, DVDs and talking books we have in the Main School and Sixth Form Libraries.

The JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection is a package of over 2,800 archival journals and four primary source collections.



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