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  • Chemistry week

    19th November 2021
    Chemistry week took place on 1 -12 November and to align with COP 26 this year’s theme was sustainability. The Chemistry department ran a variety of activities for different key stages to celebrate the occasion. There were...More
  • Biology Week Summary

    12th October 2021
    5th October 2021 The Great Biology Bake Off To launch Biology Week, we opened up with The Great Biology Bake Off! The event was for students to make a cake that represents something biological e.g. an organ, organism or...More
  • Biology Week: Re-generation talk

    12th October 2021
    Last Thursday, AGGS held a fascinating talk on re-generation for Y9s to 13s, as part of this year’s science-fiction theme of the science behind the reality of science fiction. It was really amazing to see how animals...More
  • Biology Week: De-extinction

    11th October 2021
    De-extinction was a brilliant talk that covered multiple aspects of the process of bringing a species back to life. We explored different projects that were taking place (such as reviving the woolly mammoth), and different...More
  • Biology Week: Parasites

    11th October 2021
    The talk on parasites introduced us to some examples of parasites, such as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a fungus that can ‘zombify’ ants, and plasmodiums, which can cause malaria. We also learned about what parasites...More