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  • Newsletter, Issue 7 – End of Year

    17th July 2020
    Read about Wellbeing, Anti-bullying, Charity,  Fundraising, Citizenship, Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition, Enterprise, Music, Poetry, MFL, Maths and PE - from...More
  • Food & Nutrition Remote Learning

    13th July 2020
    Mrs. Clutton would like to say an enormous thank you to all her students for all their hard work in the kitchen over lock down. A big thank you must also go to the parents and carers for giving up their kitchens to allow...More
  • Fashion Week – Year 8

    15th June 2020
    To mark digital fashion week, Year 8 has a showcase of a collection of their work in Design & Technology classes they have had during lockdown. The project is based on the theme...More