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  • Year 7 D&T projects

    5th April 2022
    Year 7 have been learning all about 3D printing this term with Mrs Lovelady in D&T. Students have created their own 'Ergonomic stationery' using CAD to design them, 3D printing and laser cutting. The finished pieces...More
  • Year 8 D&T projects

    5th April 2022
    Well done to Year 8 in D&T with Mrs Lovelady this term. Students demonstrated lots of creativity and perseverance when creating their pewter and copper pieces of jewellery. Year 8 have been studying the Art Deco design...More
  • Year 9 D&T projects

    5th April 2022
    Well done to all the Year 9 students who worked really hard to create some amazing lighting this term in D&T! The final products are beautiful and demonstrate an amazing variety of skill and techniques including laser...More
  • Food & Nutrition this Half Term

    11th March 2022
    All students continue to work hard in food and nutrition, thank you. The year 11 students have completed their practical exam. The year 10 students have been learning about the different types of pastry and how to work under...More
  • Food & Nutrition this term

    22nd October 2021
    Year 11's making fresh pasta Thank you to all those studying food and nutrition this term. You have all cooked and baked some wonderful dishes. Year 10 have made a great start to their GCSE and Year 11 continue to work...More