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  • RS Quiz No 3

    10th December 2018
    10 Questions to debunk Christmas Myths   How many wise men are there?   Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th?   What, in the traditional nativity story, may be a clue as to why this...More
  • RS Quiz No 2

    23rd November 2018
    Hindu society Question 1 Which Hindu festival is known as the ‘festival of light’? Question 2 Who is celebrated in the festival of Navaratri? Question 3 Which Hindu God is believed to have the head of an...More
  • RS Quiz No 2 – Answers

    10th November 2018
    Hindu society quiz - Answers Answer 1 Diawli Answer 2 The Feminine aspect of the Divine Answer 3 Ganesha Answer 4 ISKCON - International Society of Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishnas) Answer 5 March   «...More
  • RS Quiz No 1

    19th October 2018
    Question 1 How many Muslims fought with the Allies in the First World War? Question 2 What language does the term 'alkali' come from? Question 3 Who said, 'What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human...More
  • Celebrating India Fortnight 26/2- 9/3

    22nd February 2018
    We will be running a variety of activities during the fortnight from 26/2 until 9/3 to celebrate the languages, culture, politics and religions of India. The activities are as following: MFL- KS3- starter activity- learn...More