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  • Eco Day Celebrations

    29th April 2022
    28th April 2022 marked the inaugural Eco Day celebrations at AGGS. Students were invited to wear blue and green accessories to celebrate the Earth and the natural environment. The event was organised by the environment...More
  • Chemistry week

    19th November 2021
    Chemistry week took place on 1 -12 November and to align with COP 26 this year’s theme was sustainability. The Chemistry department ran a variety of activities for different key stages to celebrate the occasion. There were...More
  • Taking a stand against climate change

    19th October 2021
    Our Year 12 Business class have been learning about the external influences that can affect the running and success of a business. Students have been considering a range of external influences including demographics,...More
  • Canteen Goes Green

    8th November 2018
    As we face increasing pressure to save our planet from self- destruction, Sodexo is taking a step forward towards tackling environmental issues.With food waste alone triggering under 10% of carbon emissions, Sodexo has...More