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  • AGGS Newsletter, Issue 5

    28th May 2021
    Media Team, Art, English, Dance, Food & Nutrition, German club, History, Physics, Library book reviews and Wellbeing ambassadors exam preperation document on our newsletter for this Half...More
  • How to Feel Fully Prepared Come Exam Day

    14th May 2021
    Exam Preparation Guide written by Wellbeing Ambassadors will help students feel prepared and look after their wellbeing whilst doing so. Click on the link below to download: Students Support - How to Feel Fully Prepared...More
  • AGGS Newsletter Issue 4

    1st April 2021
    Student Leaders, TheGreenLight, World Book Day, Library, Art, Dance, Chemistry, English, Food, History, MFL, Charity, Online Safety,...More
  • Wellbeing Newsletter January 2021

    2nd February 2021
    Created by the AGGS Wellbeing Ambassadors Coronavirus: ways to cope by TeenBreatheThe idea of time away from school is often seen as a holiday, or bonus – but right now, things are a bit more complex than that. Staying...More
  • Wellbeing Newsletter, Second Issue

    23rd November 2020
    Find out some tips to help you cope with the upcoming winter...More