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  • Diversity Week

    15th July 2021
    As part of AGGS’ Diversity Week events, Year 7 were invited to design a new ‘pride flag’ to represent a sexuality or gender identity of their choice. This followed events in form time, where Year 7s looked at the...More
  • Elsie Hill, Our oldest notable Alumnae, celebrating her 100th Birthday

    29th June 2021
    Our oldest notable Alumnae, Elsie Hill will soon be celebrating her 100th Birthday, 6th July 1921. She is most probably the oldest known living Alumnae of the school (1933-1938), with an immense anecdotal knowledge of her...More
  • Mother Toungue Other Toungue Poetry Success

    15th June 2021
    We are delighted and would like to share a fantastic poetic success in the recent Mother Tongue Other Tongue Competition. Students from all year groups have taken part in the Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition, a...More
  • Athletics Success

    14th June 2021
    Emma S, Charlotte L, Eleanor N and Lily O took part in the Greater Manchester Schools Track and Field Championships on Saturday. Please congratulate them on their individual success if you see them this week J. Emma S...More
  • AGGS Newsletter Issue 4

    1st April 2021
    Student Leaders, TheGreenLight, World Book Day, Library, Art, Dance, Chemistry, English, Food, History, MFL, Charity, Online Safety,...More