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  • Diversity Week

    15th July 2021
    As part of AGGS’ Diversity Week events, Year 7 were invited to design a new ‘pride flag’ to represent a sexuality or gender identity of their choice. This followed events in form time, where Year 7s looked at the...More
  • Newsletter, Issue 6

    25th June 2021
    Opera workshop, Brass workshop, Art exhibition, Biology Olympiad success, MFL Translation success, Athletics and Tennis and also CVQO Westminster Award...More
  • Poppy is CVQO Westminster Award Finalist

    16th June 2021
    Poppy C, Y13, has been selected as a finalist in the 2020 CVQO Westminster Award (Westminster Award - CVQO). Poppy is a member of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) - The Westminster Award is open to cadets from...More
  • How to Feel Fully Prepared Come Exam Day

    14th May 2021
    Exam Preparation Guide written by Wellbeing Ambassadors will help students feel prepared and look after their wellbeing whilst doing so. Click on the link below to download: Students Support - How to Feel Fully Prepared...More
  • Charile’s first novel

    4th September 2020
    Charlie in Year 12 has written her own full length novel, 'Radio Silence' in lockdown which has now been published. During Lockdown Charile was busy preparing for the GCSE exams, but when the exams were cancelled she took...More