Bright Futures Educational Trust offers a quality education that guarantees choices for every one of our pupils. We are passionate about offering a world-class education that means every single student reaches their full potential.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Ms S Gill
  • Mrs J Ogunmyiwa
    Vice Principal: Pupil & Student Development
  • Miss L Fathers
    Head of Teaching School & BFET Co-Principal
  • Mrs H Cleary
    Assistant Vice Principal: CPD, Training & Staff Development
  • Mr T Copestake
    Assistant Vice Principal: Achievement & Curriculum
  • Mrs K Galvin
    Assistant Vice Principal: Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs N Walker
    Assistant Vice Principal: Teaching & Learning
  • Mrs Eleanor Davidson
    Director of SCITT / Assistant Director of Teaching School

Teaching Staff

  • Dr K Adamson
    Second in English (Responsible for KS4)
  • Mrs L Anstey
    Head of Dance
  • Miss J Bailey
  • Mr A Barry
    Mathematics / Maths Assessment Co-ordinator Yrs 7-11
  • Miss H Benson
    MFL - German / Asst ST Yr 9
  • Miss D Bloomfield
  • Mrs R Bond
  • Mr C Capon
    Head of Computing
  • Miss A Carolan
  • Mr J Carr
  • Mrs C Carradus
    Mathematics / Senior Tutor Y11
  • Mrs E Charlton
  • Mrs A Clark
  • Mrs L Clutton
    Food & Nutrition / Asst ST Yr 7
  • Mrs K Cockerill
  • Mrs R Collinson
  • Mrs M Connor
  • Mrs C Crowson
  • Mr S Davenport
    Head of RS
  • Mrs A-L Davis
    Physics (maternity leave)
  • Miss E Demeur
  • Miss N Devlin
    Second in English (Responsible for KS3 & KS5 Literature)
  • Mrs L Dickinson
  • Mr H Dickson
    Head of History
  • Mrs S Downing
    Second in Biology / Senior Tutor Y12
  • Mrs J Ebbrell
  • Mrs K Edmundson
    RS / Higher Education Co-Ordinator
  • Mr A Emms
    Head of Geography
  • Mr T England
    English / Literacy Co-Ordinator
  • Mr J Flanagan
    Second in History / Senior Tutor Yr 10
  • Mrs E Jefferies
  • Mr T Gough
  • Mrs H Hardicre
  • Mrs M Harper
  • Mrs A Heathcock
    Head of Mathematics
  • Mme A Herbert
    MFL - French
  • Miss M Hickman
    Mathematics / Asst ST Yr 10 / D of E Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs S Holt
    Physics teacher (maternity cover)
  • Miss N Horan
  • Mrs A Hughes
    History / SEN & EAL Co-ordinator
  • Miss C Hughes
    Head of Psychology / Senior Tutor Y13
  • Mrs Z Hulme
    Biology & Food Technology
  • Mr S Humphrys
    RS & Citizenship
  • Mrs L Hurst
  • Mrs K Hutton
    English (maternity leave)
  • Mrs K Langridge
    Second in Chemistry
  • Miss S Lloyd
    Second in Physics / Senior Tutor Y8
  • Mrs K Lovelady
    Head of Design Technology
  • Mr M Lovelady
    Second in Geography / Senior Tutor Y7
  • Mrs A Malkin
    Mathematics / KS5 Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs H Marler
    Drama / Senior Tutor Y9
  • Miss Y Martinez
    MFL - Spanish
  • Ms Julia Mayall
    Head of Music
  • Mr S Mazumder
    Maths Hub Lead
  • Mrs S McIntosh
    Assistant Head of MFL
  • Miss E Mitchell
    Head of Citizenship & PSHE
  • Mr J Murray
    Head of Business & Economics / EPQ Co-Ordinator
  • Miss D Murtagh
    PE (maternity cover)
  • Mr R Nisar
    Head of Physics
  • Mrs K. O'Connor
    English (maternity cover)
  • Miss C O'Hara
    Head of English
  • Ms P Payne
    Art / Asst ST Y11
  • Miss F Provost
    Biology & Psychology
  • Mrs S Read
    Textiles Technology
  • Mrs K Reynolds
    Head of PE (maternity leave)
  • Dr C Roberts
    Chemistry / Numeracy Co-Ordinator
  • Miss C Russell
    Head of Biology
  • Mrs F Ryan
    Head of Drama
  • Mrs N Ryan
    MFL / Spanish Co-Ordinator
  • Mr J Starnes
  • Mrs A Stokes
    Head of MFL
  • Miss S Taylor
    Head of Art
  • Mr M Thompson
    Mathematics / Maths Data Manager for Yrs 7-11
  • Mr O Walker
    Head of Science / Head of Chemistry
  • Miss R Walsh
  • Miss L Warburton
  • Miss R Wells
  • Mr J Wilkinson
    Second in Chemistry / Asst ST Y8
  • Mrs K Willmott
  • Miss A Wright
    Music / Lead Senior Tutor
  • Dr S Yong

Associate Staff

  • Mr D Adshead
    Senior IT Technician
  • Mrs E Arenas
    Spanish Teaching assistant
  • Mr D Beddow
    Buildings and Estates Manager
  • Mr R Berry
    Business and Finance Manager
  • Miss A Bown
    AV & ICT Technician
  • Mrs S Brazewell
    Finance Assistant
  • Mr T Brennan
  • Mrs V Brennan
    Reprographics Technician
  • Mrs K Butt
    School Events & Trips Coordinator
  • Mrs D Cooke
    Examinations Officer
  • Mrs C Critchley
    Teaching School Marketing & Communications Lead
  • Ms J Egan
    Sixth Form Administrator
  • Mrs L Espley
    Afternoon Receptionist
  • Mrs K Gillibrand
    C.E.I.A.G. Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs Y Greenhow
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs R Harrison
    Teaching School Administrator
  • Mrs T Hart
    ARR Secretary
  • Mrs R Hodgson
  • Mr T Jones
  • Mr N Kivell
    IT Systems Support Analyst
  • Mrs H Langmead-Jones
    SCITT Manager
  • Mrs A Lavin
    Teaching School TSST Administrator
  • Mrs S Loxham
    Chemistry Technician
  • Mrs S Ludlam
    Teaching School Maths Hub Administrator
  • Mrs S Mason
    Finance Assistant
  • Mr T Musgrove
    Design & Technology Technician
  • Mr P Osborne
    Data Manager
  • Ms K Owen
    P.A. To Principal / Admin Manager
  • Miss S Philip
    Teaching School Mentally Healthy Schools Project Coordinator
  • Mrs A Prichard
    Pastoral Secretary
  • Mrs S Quigley
    Sixth Form Administrator
  • Miss L Rkakbi
    French Teaching Assistant
  • Mr M Roberts
    Physics Technician
  • Mrs A Ryan
    Biology Technician
  • Ms P Schall
    German Teaching Assistant
  • Mr M Stanbra
    Cover Supervisor & art technician
  • Mrs A Sullivan
    Admissions Officer
  • Mrs D Swainston
    Afternoon Receptionist
  • Mrs M Thompson
    Finance Assistant
  • Mrs A Thorp
    Web Developer
  • Mrs J Turpin
    Junior Science Technician
  • Mrs C Walker
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs C Whelan
    Teaching School Administrator
  • Mrs C Williams
    Recruitment Co-ordinator / H.R. Administrator
  • Miss A Zafar
    Midday Assistant
  • Mr F Zalalem