COMPETITION WINNER: ‘Feyre Darling’ – Yiyang Z, Year 11
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23rd March 2019

Feyre darling –

I could only watch as he claimed you as his,

As a prize he won, to be his bride and ornament.

You were drowning in his rules, trapped in his house,

Yet loved him still, even as his instrument.


The lord of spring, of light and life,

Cared nothing of his partner’s mind.

Didn’t see the stick-thin arms, and lifeless eyes,

Or didn’t care.


His reward for his pain, for his loss, and gain.

But who hasn’t suffered in this unfair world?

Who hasn’t felt pain, loss, and wanted to gain?


I could only watch as he left you to die,

To wither, to collapse, to shatter and die.


He would never deserve you.


I have loved you long since before he.

On my side I have nature, for, like swans,

we are meant to be.

Two halves of a heart to fit into one.

But nature doesn’t always make things easy.


He wasn’t happy enough just having you,

So locked you in his gilded cage, and called it

Protection, not even a key to throw away.

Trapped, in every possible way.

Or perhaps not.


We rescued each other, survived through our pain,

Our love had the strength of nature, a true force

To fight pain. Our future is long, our love so

Strong. We’re both so happy, our faces shining –

You’re the one, and only – my Feyre, Darling.