‘Cinderella’ – Marusya B, Year 7
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9th February 2019
Well of course you’ve all heard the story,
Of a pumpkin, some magic and a little bit of gory…
A tale of the evil, the good and the bad,
And the tale of a good little prince (what an annoying little lad!)
But let’s look down the other way,
What Cindy must really repay,
For it was HER who stole her sisters’ invitations (really, does that girl have any patience?!)
Now lets list out the things she’s already done wrong,
She stole a prince, she went to the ball,
(really my list does go on for very long!)
But the moral of the story is,
Don’t look at the positive and miss out all this,
Lets leave at a close that Cinderella wasn’t right,
All she deserves,
Is to be banished in the night!