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  • CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) Dance Workshop

    8th April 2022
      On Thursday afternoon, we welcomed Lyndsey Thomas a tutor on the CAT programme at the Lowry, to teach a dance workshop for our Year 9 and Year 10 GCSE Dance students. They took part in a contemporary technique class...More
  • PE and Sport Newsletter

    8th April 2022
    Welcome to our PE and Sport newsletter. It is fantastic to be able to spread the word about all of the wonderful things that are going on at AGGS and the students who take part in sport outside of school. We are also pleased...More
  • GCSE Dancers SPRUNG

    8th April 2022
    On Tuesday evening, the GCSE Dancers performed their exam work for friends and family. Well done, GCSE...More
  • Culture Day – Media Team Report

    8th April 2022
    This Thursday (7th April 2022), the school held its first culture day, coinciding with the second till last day of school. The day was devised by our Diversity Ambassadors, with an aim to celebrate our school’s cultural...More
  • Culture Evening – Media Team Report

    8th April 2022
    On Wednesday 6th of April, Culture evening took place from 6-8pm. There were many different things you could do, from stalls selling various food items from different countries and cultures, to stalls which had activities...More