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  • A farewell to Y13 physics students

    13th May 2022
    The head of physics provided a special cake to celebrate the end of two very trying years of study which spanned the covid-19 pandemic. It was extremely difficult to complete the required practical work during the school...More
  • AGGS Taekwon-Do

    13th May 2022
    On the weekend of the 7th May Arpita G, Aisha A and Dharini M received their blackbelts in TaeKwon Do. They have been training every Thursday after school with Mr Miley 7th Dan. This is a wonderful achievement for them! If...More
  • National Super league Finals

    10th May 2022
    A huge congratulations to our year 9 students Francesca K, Sophie V, Katie T, Immi H, and Flora G who went on to represent Bowdon Hightown in the National Super Leage Finals for their age group. The team went on to win...More
  • Living Edge Art Competition Success

    9th May 2022
    Evie J and Jemima H both won highly commended art awards at the Living Edge School's Art competition which was held at Collect Art Gallery in Lymm on Saturday 7th May 2022. Having two winners from one school is fab and it...More
  • Triple Success in Portico Sadie Massey Prize

    6th May 2022
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that AGGS students are talented writers… While Jane Austen might have meant her opening line ironically, we offer our sincere praise to three talented AGGS wordsmiths who have each...More