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  • Charity Week – Islamic Society

    22nd October 2021
    AGGS Charity Week On the week beginning 18th – 22nd October, AGGS Islamic Society, with the help of Mrs Charlton organised a Charity Week (the theme being healthcare) with the proceeds going to Islamic Relief to help...More
  • Culture Quest

    22nd October 2021
    This is a project which the whole of Year 9 are taking part in. We are given a variety of tasks in different categories and ranging in levels of difficulty, and there are also free spaces as well, where we can add our own....More
  • Black History Month at AGGS

    22nd October 2021
    Across school, we have been celebrating Black History Month. Here is just a small snapshot of activities students have participated in:   Music: Pupils in every year group have been introduced to black musicians and...More
  • Food & Nutrition this term

    22nd October 2021
    Year 11's making fresh pasta Thank you to all those studying food and nutrition this term. You have all cooked and baked some wonderful dishes. Year 10 have made a great start to their GCSE and Year 11 continue to work...More
  • New Art Displays in Fairlie

    19th October 2021
    The Art department has been busy curating new displays around Fairlie.This includes an exciting new framed gallery wall in the main reception celebrating a variety of student work.Included in the corridor displays are work...More