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  • National Reading Championships Quiz Success

    5th April 2022
    NRC Quizzers NRC Reserve Quizzers It’s not often that readers get a chance to showcase their knowledge of books in a competitive arena.   I was delighted, therefore, to be able to give some of our most avid readers...More
  • September Book of the Month

    24th November 2021
    Front Desk by Kelly Yang Front Desk is an accessible and political book.  It’s the story of a 10 year old girl, Mia, newly arrived to the USA from China, who works with her parents at the Calavista Motel in California. ...More
  • October Book of the Month

    24th November 2021
    The Deathless Girls – Kiran Millwood Hargrave I had to read this book after a Year 10 pupil returned it and told me it was THE BEST BOOK they had ever read.  It’s a book I had often admired, with a beautiful cover and...More
  • November Book of the Month

    24th November 2021
    The Upper World - Femi Fadugba This month’s book is superb and I’m not at all surprised to find that Netflix are making it into a film and that a sequel is being written.  It explores physics, (the writer is a...More
  • Year 9 Library Loyalty Scheme

    18th December 2020
    Congratulations to Charley W and Chi-Yan N of 9-5 who were the first pupils to get a bar of chocolate from the Year 9 Library Loyalty Scheme. Since their English class visited the library on December 1st, they’ve returned...More