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  • Biology Week: Re-generation talk

    12th October 2021
    Last Thursday, AGGS held a fascinating talk on re-generation for Y9s to 13s, as part of this year’s science-fiction theme of the science behind the reality of science fiction. It was really amazing to see how animals...More
  • Biology Week

    1st October 2021
    4th - 8th October  Sci-Fi in Real Life Explore the science behind the fiction How can YOU get involved? Monday 4th October COMPETITION: The Great Biology Bake Off To launch Biology Week, join in our Bake...More
  • Science Society Demonstration-Biology Week

    18th October 2019
    To kick off AGGS Biology Week 2019, the sixth form Science Society set up a range of biology related demonstrations for the younger years. A murder mystery puzzle, where the students had to use food tests to identify the...More
  • Dissection Masterclass-Biology Week

    18th October 2019
    As an after school treat to lucky pupils, Ms Hulme delivered an expert tutorial on how to carry out a rat dissection this Biology Week. The students were shown the various scientific names and the 'ratonomy'(rat anatomy)....More
  • Biology Week Summary

    18th October 2019
    We celebrated Biology Week this year from 4th-11th October with a range of extracurricular activities. First and foremost, we have some students to congratulate. Our #BioBakes contestants cooked some tasty treats and our...More