Lost Property and Pre-worn Uniform

Lost Property

AGGS lost propertyWe understand that replacing school uniform and equipment is expensive and so hopefully these guidelines will assist pupils in retrieving any items that they misplace in school. Please remember that there are over 1000 students at AGGS, all wearing the same uniform. We cannot recognise items as belonging to a particular person if they do not have a name on them. Labelling ensures all items are returned to the owner.

At AGGS, pupils must take responsibility for their own property. If they lose something, they should first check the classroom or area where they believe they left it. Then, if NOT named, they can check the box in the corridor near the lost property cupboard.

If the item(s) are named, when found and handed to lost property, the student will be emailed (and the parent cc’d) asking them to come and collect it as soon as possible. It will be held in the Main Office for half a term. If they have lost something, students should check their school emails regularly. If an email is not received, either the item was not named (so check the box in the corridor) OR it has not been handed in.

The other boxes in the corridor (near the Main Office) are a Borrow Box, where, If students have forgotten their PE kit or an item of uniform, they can borrow one from this box (there are a mix of sizes) as long as they make sure to return it so that someone else can use it if they need it. There is also an umbrella station.

There are also lots of spectacles, keys and small, lost items outside the lost property cupboard. All items that are not collected after half a term will be either sold (see below) or disposed of.

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Pre-worn Uniform Sales

JumperWe have a variety of good quality, pre-worn AGGS uniform and sports kit/equipment available to purchase at very reasonable prices. If your child needs anything, send an email to Mrs Scanlon stating what you would like including the sizes required and the students name and form –

SkirtWhen your child outgrows uniform (PE kit) or leaves school, we will be happy to receive any current AGGS uniform that’s clean, and in great condition, preferably with name tags removed. Please label bags “uniform donations” and mark for the attention of Mrs Scanlon, they can be handed into our Reception PE Jumperor students can leave them outside our Lost Property cupboard.

All monies raised goes to AGGS students, so far uniform sales have raised ÂŁ2000!

Click here to see our Pre-worn Uniform price list