Pupil Premium 2012-2013


From April 2011 the Government allocated all schools funding for pupils who are known to be eligible for FSM (free school meals) and for pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months. (In 2011-12 this equated to 19 pupils at AGGS and the amount distributed to the school was £9272.00).

In 2011/12 the Pupil Premium enabled the school to:

  • Offer intervention as appropriate
  • Develop our existing pupil tracker system
  • Offer support to specific pupils for trips and other extra curricular activities


Plans for 2012/13 (funding for 21 pupils at AGGS, amount distributed to the school £16,800.00)

  • Creation of a new post to support and track pupils in Yr 7-11, both academically and pastorally
  • Offer intervention as appropriate (either one to one or small group)
  • To contribute to funding the Trust’s Educational Psychologist for use with vulnerable pupils who may require additional support
  • To offer support to specific pupils to allow them to participate in extra curricular activities such as peripatetic music lessons
  • To increase the allocation of funding for the daily allowance for all FSM pupils
  • To personalise spending further where appropriate, by purchasing Revision Guides as recommended by Heads of Department