Why it matters

It’s about more than money – the PTA contributes so much to all those in our school community; from the teachers who request funding for special projects or equipment, to the students who enjoy the improved facilities and extra opportunities on offer, and of course the parents who get involved and meet new friends on the way. Here’s what they have to say…

“The girls and myself are so grateful to the PTA for their support in funding the refurbishment of the sixth form common room. The PTA and the Year 11 school council worked in collaboration and now a fantastic space for learning and relaxation has been created to be enjoyed by students for years to come.” Emily Bowyer, Head of Citizenship & PSHE, AGGS

Being on the PTA gives me the opportunity to say how the money is spent and how we can improve and make a real difference to the school.AGGS parent

“It has been wonderful to see how supportive the PTA is of projects within the school, especially those run and driven by the girls themselves. The new common room is a legacy to be left for future sixth-formers who I know will enjoy using and relaxing in it.” Christina, AGGS sixth-former

So what are you waiting for? We need your help. Join us at our next meeting or volunteer to help at an event. Your support is not just welcome, it’s essential if we are to continue to reach the high standards we have set and use all our skills, talents and resources to do our very best for our daughters as they progress on their journeys at AGGS. Sign up now