PTA – About Us

The PTA supports the school by raising funds for school projects that will enhance and enrich your daughters’ lives. These range from smaller items like school equipment and award schemes to major building and renovation projects.

In 2014 the PTA funded the upgrading of the sixth form common room at the Devisdale centre a cost of £32,000 with money raised from our school community. Currently the PTA is raising funds for outdoor renovation project ‘The Ledge’ which will create a welcoming space for your daughters to enjoy at recreation.

In addition, our many events including fairs, quiz nights, plant sales, international evenings and more play a crucial role in developing the links between school and home, allowing parents to meet and mingle with other parents and teachers on a social level whilst also raising all-important funds.

A word from our chairman, Richard Sawyer: “Our PTA community here at AGGS fulfils a vital role in supporting our children in their education by providing funding for projects and activities that could not otherwise have been realised. Those additional opportunities and facilities all contribute to the school’s status as a leading grammar school and we’re proud to be able to support the staff and the girls in this way.

However, the PTA is about a community effort and we do need your support in order to continue to meet our objectives. Join us at our next meeting to find out how you can help. I look forward to welcoming you there.