Key Stage 4 – Textiles

Textiles Technology

DT-Textiles-ks4-7KS3 pupils will spend one term each year studying Textiles Technology. At the end of KS3, pupils can choose if they would like to continue their studies at GCSE level. In KS3 Textiles, we aim for pupils to learn about textile products that they use and are surrounded by in their everyday lives; key making skills and industrial manufacturing; origins and lifecycles of fabrics; environmental and social considerations; and effective researching skills to develop creative designs.

In Year 7, pupils learn basic and key textile manufacturing skills, working by hand and also using machines. This enables pupils to create a fully functional product adorned using appliqué. In this process, communication, research and designing skills are practiced so that pupils are given an experience of Textile Technology from start to finish. Year 8 pupils are able to build on their existing knowledge and create a more experimental product. Making connections with MFL, pupils research the art of Millefiori and use this to inspire their designing. DT-Textiles-ks4-6CAD programmes are used to create detailed surface design decoration which is added to the textile products using heat transfer. This is combined with tie-dye resulting in a technically demanding final product. The product also involves providing an insight into the production of textiles, investigating fibres, origins of material and industrial manufacture.

In Year 9 pupils consolidate their Textiles knowledge that they have learnt throughout Key Stage 3 and also consider social aspects of design including Fair-trade goods and environmental impacts. Applying their knowledge of sustainability to their designing, pupils create a product by weaving recycled materials whilst learning a range of decorative techniques to enhance the surface design. Pupils are given the opportunity to experiment further with both their designing and making skills, providing a deeper understanding of the GCSE Textiles course.

Key Stage 4 Textiles Technology

DT-Textiles-ks4-3From garments to soft furnishings, Textiles Technology GCSE provides the opportunity for pupils to think creatively, design effectively, experiment with materials and manufacture to a quality standard. The course is relevant to everyday life and provides pupils with the key skills to lead them into careers in fashion, engineering and design. A range of social, moral, economic and environmental considerations are studied to create a broad understanding of how to design for society. The Textiles classroom has a range of specialist equipment for manufacturing and pattern making, including a CAM sewing machine.

The course is split into the following sections and is taught over two years:

  • Designing Skills
  • Manufacturing skills
  • Materials and Components (including fabrics and smart materials)
  • Design and Market influences
  • Processes and Manufacture

Pupils are assessed through an end of KS4 GCSE examination (40%) and Design and Making Practice Controlled Assessment which is mainly completed in Year 11 (60%).



Extra Curricular Activities

Textiles GCSE Catch Up Session Monday 3:30 – 5:00 F20 Mrs Read
Textiles Tuesday 12:30 – 13:00 F20 Mrs Read
Textiles Thursday 12:30 – 13:00 F20 Mrs Read