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  • A farewell to Y13 physics students

    13th May 2022
    The head of physics provided a special cake to celebrate the end of two very trying years of study which spanned the covid-19 pandemic. It was extremely difficult to complete the required practical work during the school...More
  • GCSE Science Live! Trip – Media Trip Report

    2nd March 2022
    On the Wednesday 9th of February, some year 11 students attended the annual GCSE Science Live at the Manchester Opera House to watch several science-related talks. The morning started off with a talk on Hubble vs the James...More
  • AGGS Newsletter, Issue 5

    28th May 2021
    Media Team, Art, English, Dance, Food & Nutrition, German club, History, Physics, Library book reviews and Wellbeing ambassadors exam preperation document on our newsletter for this Half...More
  • Physics online website and YouTube channel provider Lewis Matheson visits AGGS.

    7th May 2021
    Year 12 physics student, Lois Howarth entered a competition run by Lewis and won first prize - £3000 worth of prizes for the physics department. The raffle style competition was held to celebrate 100k subscribers to the...More
  • Prize Win for Physics

    7th May 2021
    One of our Y12 physics students Lois H entered and won a prize giveaway being offered by Lewis Matheson. Lewis presents physics videos on his YouTube channel called “A-level Physics online.” The channel has become...More