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  • Spelling Bee Regional Success – Media Team Report

    29th April 2022
    The Foreign Language Spelling Bee is a competition for students in Year 7 to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French, German or Spanish.) This year, we are thrilled to...More
  • Y8 MFL Poetry Competition – Poésíæ

    15th March 2022
    This term, our Y8 have worked hard to prepare for a new competition in MFL – Poésíæ. Every pupil in Y8 was invited to perform a poem in French / German / Spanish for the class competition. The six winning performances...More
  • Translation Bee School Final

    11th February 2022
    The School Translation Bee final was held on the 11th February in which Year 9 contestants were given one minute to correctly translate as many sentences as possible, in a variety of tenses. They were fierce competitors and...More
  • Spelling Bee School final

    11th February 2022
    A very exciting school spelling bee final was held on the 1st February in which Year 7 contestants were asked to spell as many words as the could in a minute. To add to that challenge the words they had to spell were in...More
  • Y13 MFL Debating Success

    19th November 2021
    On Thursday evening, seven of our Y13 linguists went to the North Schools’ Modern Languages Debating Competition at Cheadle Hulme School. All three teams performed brilliantly, debating topics such as “Parents should...More