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  • `A Poem` – A Student

    11th February 2021
    Why does my heart beat so fast from simply walking into the same building everyday? A place where i have to learn and work under the watchful eyes of people who tarnish my appearance, my dreams, my happiness; anything I...More
  • RUNNER UP: ‘Queen of Air and Darkness in Ty Blackthorn’s Perspective’ – Sofia B, Year 8

    24th March 2019
    Start of the book: From the chaos, I heard Livvy call my name. “Ty? Ty, I…” Whipping around, I watched her knees crumple beneath her. Dark, silken hair fanned out on the rowan floor. Blackthorn eyes stared glassy,...More
  • COMPETITION WINNER: ‘Feyre Darling’ – Yiyang Z, Year 11

    23rd March 2019
    Feyre darling - I could only watch as he claimed you as his, As a prize he won, to be his bride and ornament. You were drowning in his rules, trapped in his house, Yet loved him still, even as his...More
  • Competition Winners

    17th March 2019
    We are very excited to be announcing the winners of our latest creative writing competition, with the task to write a piece from the perspective of a different character in a well-known story. All the entries were excellent...More