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  • Newsletter Issue 4

    20th December 2019
    On our Christmas Edition you can read about charity day, space week, Christmas concert, AGGS Mock elections, MUN success, The Antibullying banner, Drama production, Carol service, Food & Nutrition this term, Library...More
  • Food & Nutrition this term

    17th December 2019
    This has been another lovely term in Food and Nutrition. The year 10 students have made a great start to their new course and year 11 continue to work really hard. Year 9 have been creating food from around the world as part...More
  • Food & Nutrition this term

    12th July 2019
    I would like to end this academic year by saying well done to all of you who have made some of the amazing dishes that leave F7 every day. Thank you for all your hard work. Well done and good luck to Year 11. Year 10 have...More
  • Food Tech this term

    12th March 2019
    We continue to have another great year in food and have enjoyed making many delicious dishes over the past few weeks. The year 9 students have completed their key stage 3 curriculum with a project on street food where they...More
  • Good Food Show

    20th December 2018
    This term, KS4 food tech students all went to The Good Food Show, a BBC run event lasting several days which they call “The ultimate experience for food lovers”. According to one student who attended the trip, the trip...More