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    30th March 2021
  • Artist of the Week

    13th March 2020
    A beautiful sketchbook study by Aayushi S Yr13 made as part of her coursework. Aayushi used ink, water and biro to create this particular study for her Landscapes mixed media...More
  • Artist of the Week

    6th March 2020
    This homework was produced by Safa R 7-4 in response to the work of the artist Yellena James. The starting point was a small section of the artist work. Safa then extended the design to a full page creating her own patterns...More
  • Artist of the Week

    28th February 2020
    7_2 Are currently working on a project called Under the Sea. They are looking at the work of the artist Yellena James. In the classwork here the students have created their own scraper boards using oil pastel and poster...More