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  • AGGS Newsletter, Issue 2, Christmas Edition

    18th December 2020
    Charity day, Christmas virtual market, Christmas Virtual concert, MFL, Computing, Food, Library, School of The Decade Award and...More
  • Charity Day – 18th December 2020

    18th December 2020
    As you are all aware, Charity Day 2020 has been a bit different than usual. Even though we've been confined to the walls of our form rooms, we didn't let that get in the way of the usual program. The Year 13s have been...More
  • Food and Nutrition this term

    18th December 2020
    Just a quick message from me to say thank you to all my students for all your hard work this term. Well done to all the year 9 students who have completed their work in food for key stage 3. I hope you all carry on cooking...More
  • Dance Auditons

    18th December 2020
    If you have been preparing a solo or group dance for the dance production, the auditions to show your finished piece are on: Tuesday 12th January. Remember: All dancers must be from the same year group There must be no...More
  • Computer Science Bebras competition Success

    18th December 2020
    This year the computer science department ran its annual Bebras competition. This is a logical thinking competition which is ran by Oxford university each year and asks pupils to complete online logical thinking puzzles in a...More