7-7 – BFET Celebration of Languages
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12th July 2019

Last week 7-7 went to Cedar Mount Academy and took part in a languages festival. Our form did a German Fashion Show describing what the models were wearing. The other schools that took part were Cedar Mount Academy, Rushbrook Primary and Melland High School. These schools are all part of the Bright Futures Education Trust. The other acts included a song, sign language and a talent show. There was a range of languages, including German, Spanish, Romanian and BSL. There were also two speakers that came in to talk to us about how important languages are in modern society. The fashion show was very fun to prepare and perform. As a form we thought the whole experiences was fun, interesting and entertaining. It was amazing to see the diversity of spoken languages in our area.

By Maryam H, Sophie H and Arpita G