Japan – Day 1
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17th February 2019

Konnichiwa!  Welcome to our first blog about the exciting adventures we will have in Japan.

You probably thought our day started off normally where we are all energised and ready to go. Wrong! Half of us were waking up at 2:00 am because of jet lag, and trying to fall asleep. However, the day quickly turned into one filled with new experiences.

After a lovely breakfast of some traditional Japanese food, we took a train to the Outer Imperial Palace, home to the 125th Emperor and Empress of Japan. We admired the natural beauty of the stunning area (and took lots of pictures, of course!)

Our adventure continued as we walked to our Sushi making Class. We improved our sushi making skills (if we had any in the first place) as we were taught by a professional sushi chef. A lady taught us about the history of Sushi. Did you know: After a devastating earthquake in Tokyo, sushi chefs migrated to other parts of Japan, which is how it became popular all over the country.

For lunch, we gladly devoured our handmade sushi, although some of the shapes of our sushi were questionable!

After our delicious meal, we visited Tokyo National Museum, which is home to many culturally important artefacts. From armour to artwork, the museum had a lot of interesting information.

Lastly, we visited Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple. As we approached, our tour guide showed us a place in which we could get our fortunes. To do this, you shake a tin and make a wish. You pull a stick out of the tin with a number on it. Each number corresponds to a shelf with a fortune inside of it. If the odds are in a favour, you get a good fortune which you can keep. If you receive a bad fortune, you can tie it to a railing to leave the bad fortune behind. It was very amusing to see what people got, and for some people their fortune also can true!

Exhausted but nevertheless excited, we wondered down Nakamise shopping street, in the hopes of finding presents for our loved ones. But we still have many opportunities to do some shopping! Returning to our rooms, we seek the bliss of our beds, before remembering that we have an enticing dinner to look forward to, which is enough to raise our energy levels!

After dinner, we will try to have an early night so we are ready for another jam-packed day!

Delisha, Symal and Aahi