‘Into the Woods’ – Laura L, Year 13
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9th February 2019

The trees of the forest shake their golden leaves
They have no fear of falling to the ground
And fairies wait to braid their wreaths
The pine cones they find lying all around

Within the twisted branches hide a show,
Of secrets humans cannot ever learn,
They must contend to write their tales of woe
Of creatures made of maple leaf and fern

Because fairies fear the humans too,
They hide until the moon comes out at night,
To sing and dance and drink the forest dew,
They chant their rhymes of magic and delight

Not till the morning sun comes do they hide
Until tomorrow night their time they bide


The trees had leaves so very green
I couldn’t believe what I had seen
Because they were so green and bright
They blocked out rays of the sunlight

For trees are made of lots of wood
They are quite hard to be understood
So into the woods I must go
Where will it end I do not know