MMU A Level Translation Competition Success
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16th June 2017

Francesca and Tania – A Level Spanish Translation Competition Success, MMU

Y12 Spanish took part in the Manchester Metropolitan University A-Level translation competition this year, and we are delighted that out of a number of entries from many different schools, both of our shortlisted entries won. Francesca B won the first prize and Tania T received the Second Prize.

The translation task was to produce an English version of a well-known song by top Spanish hip-hop singer El Chojín, who has a very high profile not just in his home country but throughout Latin America. The competition aimed to promote language learning through song lyrics, introducing A-Level students to the challenges of the translation of songs, and encourage them to engage with topical social issues and popular culture in Spanish.

Both Francesca and Tania were praised for their hard work and effort, which is testimony to their ability and to their passion for Spanish.