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  • Yvonne’s Poetry Success

    7th September 2021
    Yvonne G in Year 11 has had a piece of creative writing selected and published in 'The Green Light', a book compiled of 50 out of hundreds of submissions of poems and writings responding to the theme -The green light . This...More
  • ‘Ce qui aurait pu être’ – Maia S H, Y8

    1st April 2021
      3 matted ivy fences, 2 wistful turrets, 1 bitter-sweet memory flowing down, Regardless of day or night, Drenching me in the bitter-sweet rain of ce qui aurait pu être, What could’ve been, What could’ve been if...More
  • ‘Drab’ – Maia S H, Y8

    1st April 2021
    I blow my nose, He makes me feel ill, I close my eyes, I don't wish to see him any longer, If I don't I'll find myself ponder, He's really not that bad, Someday he'll grab someone...More
  • ‘Rain’ – Preet G, Y8

    1st April 2021
    The song of the rain sings softly, A slight drizzle, a pleasant break, From the ever beating, shining sun, Dripping from leaf to leaf, second to none   However, the sweet rain cannot always pour, always sing, For it is...More