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  • Summer reading challenge success

    2nd November 2018
    A huge congratulations to all the participants who took part in AGGS first ever Summer Reading Challenge, reading over 150 between them all! Summer was obviously more than a little light reading in a deck chair, those who...More
  • November Book of the Month

    1st November 2018
    SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo Leigh Bardugo is a storyteller, I think that is the best way to put it. It isn’t necessarily the words she uses which capture you- although they do- I think it’s more the way she pieces her...More
  • Summer Reading Challenge

    6th July 2018
    Taken from our Library blog: Looking for something to do this summer? Oblivious to an obvious choice? If not only for your own enjoyment, then for a little competition- the Summer Reading Challenge gives everyone...More
  • Author Visit – Rachel McIntyre

    7th July 2017
    Rachel McIntyre Visits AGGS The English department were very happy to welcome Rachel McIntyre to AGGS on July 6th. Rachel, who has had three books for teenagers published in the last two years, came to deliver creative...More
  • Library’s new books thanks to Fandom Day

    5th May 2017
    These are the books we have been able to buy for the library from the money raised by the Fandom Day on 3rd February.  Huge thanks to the Year 8 School Council who organised the day.  The books ordered have all been...More