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  • `I used to be me` – Maia S H

    11th February 2021
     Centuries come and go, with each one we hide ourselves away; just a little bit more they say.  I used to be barefoot.  Now I am not.  I used to be me.  Now I am...More
  • ‘A Poem’ – Chi O Y8

    11th February 2021
    Exposed. Sharing emotions, Dishing out parts of me, Showing you apart of me, It makes me feel Exposed. And it’s like the messy, The pressy and stressy That I guess he Poured out of me, Like Pepsi Are tangled in...More
  • `Barefoot Haiku` – Riya G, Y7

    11th February 2021
    A grassy meadow, One summer morning in May, Is barefooted...More