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  • ‘Rain’ – Preet G, Y8

    1st April 2021
    The song of the rain sings softly, A slight drizzle, a pleasant break, From the ever beating, shining sun, Dripping from leaf to leaf, second to none   However, the sweet rain cannot always pour, always sing, For it is...More
  • RUNNER UP: Yazhini R, Y7

    11th February 2021
    Take off your shoes to connect with...More

    11th February 2021
    Cold, shivering, teeth chattering, I put my bare feet up against the fire. I feel a tingle of warmth and a sensation of joy rush through my...More
  • ‘Barefoot’ – Mairead B, Y8

    11th February 2021
    The warm sand on bare toes, The ocean water as the tide goes, The soft pebbles on the shore, The green grass on the floor…   Hawaii is home for the barefoot.   But wait, not the hot rocks covered in black...More
  • ‘Shoeless’ – Preet G Y8

    11th February 2021
    To feel the whooshing wind on my face again, blasting by my ears, The smell of the simply fresh, salty air. I think of the times in the soft sand or tiptoeing on the rocks, I think of the times I ran, running shoeless on...More