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  • Newsletter, Issue 7 – End of Year

    17th July 2020
    Read about Wellbeing, Anti-bullying, Charity,  Fundraising, Citizenship, Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition, Enterprise, Music, Poetry, MFL, Maths and PE - from...More
  • Goodbye Homeschooling

    13th July 2020
    As we approach, what will hopefully be the final week of homeschooling, some of the staff and students would like share another message with you all. Hope you are summer...More
  • Citizenship during Lockdown – Year 7

    13th July 2020
    During lockdown Year 7 have been continuing with their citizenship and PSHE learning, albeit with a slightly adapted curriculum. They studied a range of topics, including: VE Day & Gender Equality, World Refugee Day and...More
  • Citizenship during Lockdown – Year 8

    13th July 2020
    During their home learning Year 8 have studied a range of topics. All designed to help them make sense of the world around them. They had an introduction to economics, where they studied the laws of supply and demand and...More
  • Citizenship during lockdown – Year 9

    13th July 2020
    Each year in Year 9 citizenship and PSHE, students undertake a form of Social Action. However, COVID-19 prevented the usual group projects, presentations and actions this year. Therefore, Year 9 were tasked with creating an...More