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To access the SIMS Learning Gateway, or SLG, please click on the appropriate link below:

The most up-to-date information about SLG will always be posted on this page – please check back as we add functionality over time. You can read the basic guidance sheet for Parents/Carers by clicking this link, particularly regarding how to access reports.

We have had a few enquiries from students asking for SLG passwords and usernames. Please note that SLG accounts are for parents / carers; we cannot provide login details to the students themselves.

If you’re having trouble accessing your daughter’s report, the basic steps you need to carry out are:

  1. Log in (and change your password if necessary)
  2. Click “My Daughter’s Dashboard” (on the left)
  3. Click “Student Dashboard” (bottom, under the small image of your daughter)
  4. Click “View Reports”
  5. Click on the relevant Academic Year
  6. Click the report you wish to read

If the Student Dashboard reports “Information not available” – Capita advise clearing your browser’s history including cookies. Note that, depending on the browser, this may also include deleting any stored passwords you have for other sites. If you’re not happy about doing this, you could also try accessing SLG from another machine if one is available.