Year 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Year 6,

We have come up with a list of frequently asked questions we often get asked on induction day and asked some of our current Year 7 students to answer them. We hope they help with some of the questions you might have about starting life at here at school.

What will I do on the first day?

You will spend the first day getting to know the other students in your form, your form teacher and getting to know your way around school. There will be a lot to take in but it’s very exciting! It is a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

What happens if I am late?

Don’t worry, just get in to school as soon as possible and go and sign in at reception before going to assembly or registration. The staff there are lovely and will help you if you are not sure.

What will I need on the first day?

A pencil case and a padlock and key for your locker with a spare key you can give to your form teacher in case you forget or lose your own. You might want to bring a packed lunch too! There is a equipment list on the Induction website that you can check Equipment List.

Do we get a locker?

Yes and we recommend you use it so you don’t have to carry everything around with you all day.

Do we need our PE kits on the first day?

You will not need them but it might be a good idea to bring them in and put them in your locker. In the first two terms you will need kit for hockey, netball and dance. In the summer term you play tennis and do rounders and athletics. There is a list of all the items needed for PE here: Uniform-policy

What happens if I get lost?

You can use the map in your school diary but the best thing to do is ask someone, either an older student, or a teacher. Everyone is very kind and they will always show you the way. For a while, school feels enormous but you get to know your way around very quickly. Remember the letter before the room means something. For example, if you are looking for room F20 you know it is in the Fairlie building, if you are looking for B3 it is in Breeze Hill. If there is no letter it is in the main school building, and if it has an L in front of it you are looking for a Science Lab.

How many lessons do we have a day?

There are 5 lessons a day and each lasts 1 hour – Rec (break) is after lesson 2 and lunch is after lesson 3. After lesson 5 it’s home time!

What happens if you get detention?

It depends on the department. Most detentions are over the lunch break, but if you have an after school detention, your parents will get a letter home so they know about it. Very few year 7 students get detentions so don’t waste any energy worrying about this!

What is the food like at AGGS?

Delicious! You can get food at break and at lunch and will be given a time to queue up at. There are menus displayed outside the dining room which change each week so that you can see what is on offer!

Do we get lots of homework?

No! The amount of homework we get is fair and we don’t get homework in the holidays which is great!

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