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1st November

Lines 283 & 285

It has been brought to our attention that some of your pupils who use general bus network services 283 & 285 (Altrincham – Hale Barns Circular services) were unaware of changes which took effect this week.

Please note that these services are now operated by Stagecoach Manchester and the timetables have been revised.  Full details can be found via the Transport for Greater Manchester website – the timetable can be accessed via the following link:  Please could you pass on this information to affected pupils.


20th October

Please find attached a revised timetable for school buses serving Altrincham Grammar Schools with effect from Monday 31st October 2016. Details of the changes are included on the first two pages of the attached document.

There will be one further change to the services to/from Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.

Goodwins Service 752 will revert to a 1540 departure and will use the uphill stop instead of the current downhill stop. This will ensure that all buses at 1540/1545 travel uphill and all buses at 1600 travel downhill.

TFGM have undertaken some monitoring of the roads surrounding the school this week and they have concerns in respect of the number of parents cars that are parked indiscriminately surrounding the school. On Tuesday 18th October for example this was 31 illegally parked cars.

TFGM have asked Trafford Council to undertake some traffic enforcement in the area, but they would also welcome the support of the school in reinforcing the message of making sure that the roads are clear for buses to use.

The roads to the south of Altrincham Town Centre were probably not designed for the sheer volume of vehicular traffic that is now in the area and providing buses at school times when there are six schools in the area is proving to be increasingly challenging. They have to consider the safety of all road users and whether or not operation of school buses to the school is compounding the problems at the school.

TFGM are anticipating that the changes that they will make from after half term will have a positive effect and a number of the issues will solve themselves.

However, whilst they will aim to continue to operate buses to/from the School at present, they have to seriously consider the long term position of operating buses to pick up/set down outside of the school and to determine whether or not asking all students to walk to Altrincham Interchange, as a sizeable number of students already do, is practically a more suitable position.

TFGM will monitor the situation into November but they would welcome any feedback or discussion that you may wish to have on this matter.

Information was sent to AGGS from the TFGM.

Altrincham Schools Timetable 31 October 2016


29th September

Please see below revised timetable for the East Didsbury (Parrs Wood) journey on service 752 (operated by Go Goodwins). This journey will be re-timed and re-routed to operate via Warburton Green with effect from Monday 26th September.


9th September 2016

Please find attached revised timetables for school buses for Altrincham Grammar Schools for Boys and Girls and Loreto Grammar School effective from Monday 12th September 2016.

The morning journeys on service 754 from Northern Moor and service 755 from Sale will be re-timed 15 minutes earlier.  The afternoon journey on service 753 which currently starts from Hale, Railway Station at 15:58 will now start from Altrincham Grammar School for Boys at 15:41 and will then serve Altrincham Grammar School for Girls at 15:46 and Loreto Grammar School at 15:55.


18th July 2016

Update: Replacement services 289 and 88 to the GHA Coaches, who ceased trading

Service 289 is now operated by Howards Travel, with no change to the timetable (please see the following link for further details: 

Service 88 is now operated by Arriva, however will only operate hourly, prior to a half hourly service being re-introduced from 1st August – further details can be found here:


8th July 2016

School Bus Services 2016/2017

School Bus Timetable – Please find enclosed the 2016/2017 school bus timetables containing information on the services that will operate for your school during the new academic year and a bus operator contact list.

You will note that details of all services to the school are now detailed in the timetable as are details of any changes to the school services.

Further information for students – General enquiries from students and/or parents regarding home to school transport can be obtained either by visiting the TfGM website or telephoning Traveline on 0871 200 22 33. (lines open 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays calls cost 12p per min plus network extras).


24th March 2016

An introduction to School buses and concessionary fares for students in Greater Manchester

Passengers can pay a fare to the driver for each journey shown on this timetable. However, students will need to show an IGO pass to travel at the concessionary (reduced) fare. If students do not have an IGO pass, they will have to pay a higher fare.

Most of the journeys shown in this timetable are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).  The majority of TfGM funded services charge a standard fare, although some journeys do have additional fare bands.  Daily return tickets are available on many services. In some cases, the return ticket can also be used for travel on other journeys which serve similar areas – even if it is provided by a different operator.

If a daily return ticket is available on TfGM funded services, students can also buy a weekly scholars ticket, which costs £6.50.  These are available from the bus driver on all services where they are applicable. To help the driver, please try to have the correct fare when buying your ticket.

A summary of fares and ticketing information on all school services included in this timetable can be found at

There are also a small number of TfGM funded services where the operator sets the fares. You will need to check with the operator what fares are available.

Yellow School Buses

This timetable also shows the journeys operated by Yellow School Buses.

Yellow School Bus journeys have special travel conditions and can only be used by students who hold a Yellow School Bus pass which is valid for that journey (in addition to an IGO pass).  Students who wish to use a Yellow School Bus should go to for details on how to apply for a pass.

The IGO Pass

All students between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses.

The IGO pass is like an ID card and proves that the student is aged 16 or under. It must be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare.

The IGO pass costs £5 and can only be bought by students who live, or go to school in Greater Manchester.

More information on IGO and an application form to get an IGO pass is on the TfGM website at

(Please note: students who are entitled to a free Scholars Travel Pass for journeys between home and school and students aged between 16 and 19 who have a Scholars Concessionary Pass, do not need an IGO Pass for these journeys) AGGS - 2016-2017 Educational season ticketNorthern Educational Season Tickets for under 16’s:

Click here to apply to: Northern – AGGS 2016-2017 Educational season ticket

AGGS bus timetables 2016-17