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Updated School Bus Timetables

Tuesday 17th April 2018

School Bus Service Trafford 2017-2018 – Updated April 2018


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School bus fare changes 2017/2018

Tuesday 18th July 2017

A Message from the TFGM:

From the start of the next academic year, there will be some changes to the fares which are charged on the majority of TfGM subsidised school buses. These changes should make school fares easier to understand for both passengers and operators.

From 1 September, the fare structure will be simplified so that children are all charged a flat fare. This will replace the existing system whereby children are charged one of three different fares depending on the distance they travel.

For children with igo passes, the new single fare will be £1.30, the new return fare will be £2.20 and the new cost of the school weekly ticket will be £7.00.

Children who do not have igo passes will continue to be charged a default single fare which, from September, will be £1.70. Children without igo passes are also unable to buy either returns or weekly tickets.

There are still a number of school buses where fares are set by the operator and which will therefore be unaffected by these changes.

Full details on which school services will be affected will be provided on before the start of the new school year.

We would be grateful if you could communicate these changes to pupils ahead of the new academic year.

Thank you for your co-operation and please contact us on 0161 244 1000 for further assistance.


Yours sincerely,

Operational Service Planning



Bus Timetable for Academic Year 2017-2018

21st June 2017

A Message from the TFGM:

Please find attached the school bus timetable for Trafford for the 2017-18 academic year;

Bus timetable for 2017-2018

There are a number of changes to most school services and the details of the changes are shown within the timetable.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in line with many local authorities we have a reduction in the level of funding which has impacted on the school bus network for the forthcoming year; however we have been able to mitigate most of this reduction in funding by changing our method of procurement. Whilst this means that most services have been protected from being cut, it does mean that the route and times of the services are now fixed to those which you have been sent.

Should any school wish to change session times from those which are identified within the timetable then we will ask the operator whether they can accommodate the change to the times of the corresponding school bus services, which may come at a cost. This cost cannot be absorbed by TfGM. In this instance schools will be invited to pick up the additional cost of running services to meet the revised session times. If schools are unable to do this then the corresponding services will either remain at their existing times or will be withdrawn.

Additionally, I would highlight that we have no funding to increase the capacity or the number of buses provided where students numbers are in excess of the available capacity. Should the buses that are provided be oversubscribed then certain students will need to find alternative routes to/from school by using the general service network (further details can be found by using the Journey Planner at or by alternative modes of travel. We are of course more than happy to secure transport where schools are prepared to fund these services. I would ask schools to consider this position when looking at attracting students from outside your immediate catchment areas.

Finally, you will find attached a copy of the school record form, if you could complete and return we would be grateful.

Should parents wish to contact us then they need to do this through our contact centre so that their details can be logged – telephone on 0161 244 1000 or e-mail

Michael Moore
Service Planning Officer
Transport for Greater Manchester

2 Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BG


Click here to download the timetable for 2017-2018



5th June 2017

Changes to the 754 service

The changes reflect amendments to the PM service only, and incorporates minor route changes at the request of Trafford Council owing to highways works on Marlborough Road. The service will now operate via Marlborough Road, South Downs Road, Langham Road, Richmond Road, Stamford Road, The Firs, Cavendish Road, Higher Downs, The Downs, Railway Street, Stamford New Road and Barrington Road – returning to the existing route on Woodlands Road. The timetable remains unchanged. Click here to see the changes on the timetable



24th March 2016

An introduction to School buses and concessionary fares for students in Greater Manchester

Passengers can pay a fare to the driver for each journey shown on this timetable. However, students will need to show an IGO pass to travel at the concessionary (reduced) fare. If students do not have an IGO pass, they will have to pay a higher fare.

Most of the journeys shown in this timetable are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).  The majority of TfGM funded services charge a standard fare, although some journeys do have additional fare bands.  Daily return tickets are available on many services. In some cases, the return ticket can also be used for travel on other journeys which serve similar areas – even if it is provided by a different operator.

If a daily return ticket is available on TfGM funded services, students can also buy a weekly scholars ticket, which costs £6.50.  These are available from the bus driver on all services where they are applicable. To help the driver, please try to have the correct fare when buying your ticket.

A summary of fares and ticketing information on all school services included in this timetable can be found at

There are also a small number of TfGM funded services where the operator sets the fares. You will need to check with the operator what fares are available.

Yellow School Buses

This timetable also shows the journeys operated by Yellow School Buses.

Yellow School Bus journeys have special travel conditions and can only be used by students who hold a Yellow School Bus pass which is valid for that journey (in addition to an IGO pass).  Students who wish to use a Yellow School Bus should go to for details on how to apply for a pass.

The IGO Pass

All students between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses.

The IGO pass is like an ID card and proves that the student is aged 16 or under. It must be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare.

The IGO pass costs £5 and can only be bought by students who live, or go to school in Greater Manchester.

More information on IGO and an application form to get an IGO pass is on the TfGM website at

(Please note: students who are entitled to a free Scholars Travel Pass for journeys between home and school and students aged between 16 and 19 who have a Scholars Concessionary Pass, do not need an IGO Pass for these journeys) AGGS - 2016-2017 Educational season ticketNorthern Educational Season Tickets for under 16’s:

Click here to apply to: Northern – AGGS 2016-2017 Educational season ticket

AGGS Bus Timetable for 2017-2018