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Lost Property and Pre-worn Uniform

Lost Property

Lost property at AGGSWe understand that replacing school uniform and equipment is expensive and so hopefully these guidelines will assist pupils in retrieving any items that they misplace in school. Please remember that there are over 1000 students at AGGS, all wearing the same uniform. We cannot recognise items as belonging to a particular person if they are not labelled. Labelling all items ensures they can returned to its owner.

At AGGS, pupils must take responsibility for their own property. When they lose something they should first check the classroom or area where they believe the property was left.  Then, they can check the boxes outside the lost property cupboard, near the Main Hall.

Lost property at AGGSThere are two boxes – one for named, and the other for un-named items. All items of lost property are firstly checked to see if they are labelled. If they are, an email reminder will be sent to the student asking them to collect their property from the “named” box. All items that are not labelled will be placed in the other box.

Lost property at AGGS
Every Friday the boxes are cleared and the items moved into the lost property cupboard, they will be held there for a half term, if not collected they will be either sold, donated to charity or thrown away.

Pre-worn Uniform

We have a wide variety of good quality, pre-worn AGGS uniform and some sports kit/equipment available to purchase throughout the year at very reasonable prices. All profits from uniform sales go back into the school.

If your daughter needs anything for next term, requests to purchase pre-worn uniform can be sent via email to Karen Owen at

If your daughter is leaving school at the end of this term or if she’s outgrown her uniform and/or PE kit, we will be happy to receive any current AGGS uniform that’s clean, and in good condition, preferably with name tags removed. Please label bags “uniform donations” and mark for the attention of Mrs Owen, they can be handed into our Reception staff or your daughter can leave them outside our Lost Property cupboard.