PTA Covenant Scheme

We should like to introduce you to the PTA Covenant Scheme, which raises much needed funds for the girls throughout the school and is very easy to donate to. This is the PTA’s most effective way of raising money; it contributes significantly to our annual income.

The PTA Covenant Scheme is different to the School Fund. We use the PTA donations received to support a variety of projects throughout school from capital investment projects to funding new clubs and transport for sports teams and field trips. A regular donation from as little as £5 per month enables us to support the staff and girls in so many ways. Your daughter will certainly be touched by the improved school facilities at large or indeed at a personal level via contributions towards her own particular interests or pursuits.

By virtue of our status as a charity, we can also claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK tax payers and this increases the value of your donation by 25%.

From you From the HMRC Total Contribution to PTA Covenant Scheme per Year
Monthly Contribution Annual Contribution Repayment of Tax at 25p in the £1  
£5 £60 £15 £75
£10 £120 £30 £150
£15 £180 £45 £225
£20 £240 £60 £300
£25 £300 £75 £375
£50 £600 £150 £750

 If every parent of every girl in the school donated just £5 per month,
with the benefit of added Gift Aid, we would raise over £93,000 for the whole year.

Donations to the PTA Covenant Scheme can be regular amounts paid monthly, quarterly or annually. Payments are set by you for a certain number of years commencing on a date of your choice.

To make a regular monthly, quarterly or annual donation, please complete the bellow form, with Gift Aid section if applicable, and Standing Order Instruction. Please give a start date for the donations at least six weeks in advance to allow time for your bank to process the Instruction.

Whatever amount you can donate, we appeal to you to give as generously as you can.

If you have any queries on the scheme, please contact:

Fund Matching:

Some parents work for companies who are willing to provide funds within their community. If you can help increase our funds by matching funds from your company, please let us know.

Information about the covenant scheme and gift aid:

giftaid itTo join to the covenant scheme the form must be printed off and returned to school