Our achievements – how PTA funds have been spent

In recent years, the PTA has made a major contribution to the school community. Take a look at a few examples of the projects that have been funded:

Sixth form common room refurbishment

The PTA provided £32,000 for the renovation of the sixth-form common room at the Devisdale Centre in 2014, ensuring the girls have a relaxing and welcoming environment in which to enjoy a break from their studies.

Breeze Hill conference room facility

In 2011, the PTA funded the new conference room facility at Breeze Hill, at a cost of £40,000 raised from our generous school community.

Centenary Garden

To celebrate the Centenary of the school in 2010, the PTA built and planted the beautiful Centenary Garden which is now used by all girls and staff. Bricks can be sponsored here with your daughter’s name engraved on them.

School equipment

PTA funds also help teachers to provide additional resources and equipment to benefit your daughters in their learning. In recent years we have funded school equipment including mirrors for the dance department for clubs and workshops at a cost of £2000, a piano for the music department costing £5000 for girls taking GCSE and A-level music as well as for concerts, assemblies and private lessons, benches for use by all girls in both main school and sixth form and gazebos and picnic tables for the garden costing £10,500 where girls can relax at break and lunch.

Furthermore, we have provided contributions totalling £28,500 towards IT systems, £1000 to enhance the security system on the West Wing entrance and £1700 to install recycling bins throughout the school, as well as a portable speaker system for assemblies and events costing £675.

Enterprise and award schemes

Some of the various schemes we have supported for the girls include the Lionheart business enterprise day for Year 9 girls at a cost of £3,700 annually, and the Young Enterprise Challenge for Year 12 girls costing £800, giving them the opportunity to design, manufacture and market a product, presenting their business plans to a panel of judges. Funding was also provided for the Enterprise Challenge 2015 costing £1350, and equipment for girls participating in the Duke of Edinburgh awards totalling £670.

Additional support

In addition, the PTA has funded transport costs for trips, including £5000 over the past five years for a Year 12 Geography trip, £1200 to assist the careers department with literature and IT support, and £550 to fund the training of the ‘Anti-bullying ambassadors’ throughout the school in support of the Diana Award scheme operated by AGGS.