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Pupil and Student Wellbeing

Looking after myself

Most teenage girls will experience emotional ups and downs at some point whilst they are at secondary school.

The pastoral team at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls are here to support you. We’ve put together a list of websites that offer advice and information about a range of issues, which you might find helpful.

b-eat Beating eating disorders

Helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help beat eating disorders

Talk to Frank

National drug education service, providing targeted and accurate information on drugs and alcohol

Advice and information on contraception, STIs, sex, relationships and pregnancy

National Self Harm Network

The lead UK charity offering support, advice and advocacy services to people affected by self harm


A counselling service for children and young people. No problem is too big, or too small

Young Minds

YoungMinds is the UK’s only national charity committed to improving the mental health and emotional well-being of all children and young people


Funds research to prevent meningitis and septicaemia, improve survival rates and outcomes

Talkshop Trafford

An advice and information centre based in Sale for young people aged 13-19

Get Connected

The national helpline for young people under-25 and has been providing free, confidential help

42nd Street

A voluntary sector organisation providing services to young people about usual and unusual problems

Sun Smart

Skin Cancer Information and Sun Protection Advice

Anxiety UK

Working to relieve and support those living with anxiety disorders by providing information, support and understanding

Mumps Information Leaflet

Mumps information leaflet

BBC Radio 1 - BBC Advice - Helplines & Websites

BBC Radio 1 – Advice – Helplines & Websites

Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Anti Bullying AmbassadorsWe have a group of girls in Years 10-11 trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.
They wear blue ‘A’ badges on their blazers and run a lunchtime TV lounge twice a week where pupils from any year group can drop in, chat to an Ambassador, meet other girls and eat their lunch.

2015-16 Drop-in TV lounge

Lunchtimes: Wednesday in room 2.

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors also have a blog and a twitter account:

twitter @AGGantibullying

To view a film made by the Diana Award which showcases the work of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, please click below

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Showcase video from aggschool on Vimeo.



Who to Contact for an appointment.

Parents –

please phone 0161 912 5912 to ask to speak to your daughter’s Senior Tutor or Assistant Senior Tutor.


If you are in the Sixth Form you can always talk to your Senior Tutor or Mrs Galvin. Or you can e-mail for an appointment (and do not forget to say who you would like this appointment with). Sixth Form parents please phone the Sixth Form Centre (0161 912 5 911 – Mrs Quigley or Ms Egan) to ask to speak with Mrs Galvin or to make an appointment to come into the Sixth Form to meet with a member of staff.

Parents should also note that all these websites are full of information for parents and all the organisations are happy to give parents any help if they have any concerns.


Year 7 Senior Tutor Mr Lovelady
Assistant Senior Tutor Mrs Clutton
Year 8 Senior Tutor Miss James
Assistant Senior Tutor Miss Dodd
Year 9 Senior Tutor Mrs Carradus
Assistant Senior Tutor Ms Payne
Year 10 Senior Tutor Miss Lloyd
Assistant Senior Tutor Mr Flanagan
Year 11 Senior Tutor Mrs Price
Assistant Senior Tutor Mrs Langridge
Lead Senior Tutors Miss Wright
Year 12 Senior Tutor Mrs Clark
Year 13 Senior Tutor Mrs Hughes
Vice Principal Mrs Ogunmyiwa
Pastoral Assistant Mrs Prichard
Head of Sixth Form Mrs Galvin
Sixth Form Office Mrs Quigley, Ms Egan
Higher Education Co-ordinator Dr Welch
SEN and EAL Co-ordinator Mrs Hughes
Anti bullying & Wellbeing Miss Wright
Designated Safeguarding & Behaviour Mrs Ogunmyiwa