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Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages. We are a large and well-resourced department, housed in the West Wing of the main school building in attractive, extensively refurbished accommodation dedicated to MFL teaching with a full range of audio-visual resources in each room.

In 2002 the School was awarded Language College status. This has enabled us to build upon our record of highly successful teaching in three languages (French, German and Spanish) and expand and develop our curriculum for the benefit of the wider community. As a Language College we have set ourselves challenging targets for increased success in examinations at all key stages, together with a commitment to increasing the proportion of our pupils studying at least two foreign languages. We are fortunate to be able to employ Foreign Language Assistants in each language. In addition we have Information Technology resources, computers and software, for use both within lessons and as an extra-curricular facility for independent learning.

ISA 2018–21 MarkThese are exciting times for foreign language and culture and we have a major role to play within the international ethos of the school, already proud of links with schools and institutions in five continents. Many of these involve our colleagues in other departments and are helping to raise our multi-national profile. Our programme of foreign visits is continually expanding and links with other schools via e-mail and traditional correspondence are developing well. The school has recently been reaccredited with the British Council’s prestigious International School Award for 2018-21 – click here to read the article.


For the MFL curriculum see the Key stage 3 booklet and the Key stage 4 booklet


Year 8 Eurovision Event

Eurovision 2018 6


Year 13 debating competition

MFL-Debating Year 13 debating competition


Year 7 spelling bee competition



Year 9 translation bee competition

Year 9 translation bee competition


UK- German Connection



Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition success

Mother Tongue Other Tongue Poetry Success!