Design & Technology

Design & Technology -TextilesDesign and Technology offers the unique opportunity to be creative and innovative, whilst designing and making products that have the potential to improve lifestyles and provoke thought.

The D&T department at AGGS aims to prepare pupils for a role in a rapidly changing, technological society. Pupils are given the opportunities to develop both designing and making skills alongside knowledge and understanding of materials and new technologies.

Pupils are taught about design in a wider context, studying economic, social, moral and environmental issues followed by the opportunity to apply this to their own design work.

Our objective is for our pupils to become creative, independent problem solvers who challenge convention and ‘think outside the box’. To achieve this, pupils in all material areas will:

  • Investigate, disassemble and analyse existing products
  • Work individually and in groups
  • Use ICT for modelling, image capture and manipulation and Controlled Assessment
  • Undertake focused practical tasks
  • Link D&T to other subjects in the curriculum.


Food Technology Resistant Materials and Product Design Textiles