School meals

sodexoSodexo Daily Food Offer

Freshly made soup of the Day, Served with selection of freshly baked breads

A choice of two daily main meals and one vegetarian all made with fresh & seasonal produce and served with potatoes or rice & vegetables

A jacket potato & Pasta bar with choice of fillings and toppings

Daily hand held snack ie fresh pizza slice, panini or savoury pastry

Freshly prepared salad boxes and pasta pots produced daily

A self help salad bar, a wide selection of freshly prepared on site sandwiches, wraps, tortillas & bagels

One hot dessert served daily

A wide variety of freshly made easyio yoghurt pots, fruit pots and dessert pots

A selection of flavoured milk, water and no sugar drinks


All our menus are prepared by Head Chef Justin Firth and Catering Manager Glenn Carey

Phone: 0161 812 5908

We take into consideration any special dietry requirements and religious views

all our food is freshly prepared on site by trained Sodexo chefs with your childs best interest being our main focus.

See the menus below:

Week 1

AGGS-Menu-week 1


Week 2

AGGS-Menu-week 2


Week 3

AGGS-Menu-week 3